Classic Targets

We offer a wide range of classic targets. These targets are regulation size.

Custom Targets

We will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.

Our Products


Our unique design allows the popper to be set up as forward falling or back falling

No need to buy extra parts like our competitors!


Full, 2/3rd, and 1/2 scale

With optional stand

*double stands also available

Circle and ARMY AQT Gong Targets

Available in 1/2″ and 3/8″

Thick AR500

Simulated Hostage Target

Hostage is 1/2″ AR500

Bad guy is 3/8″ AR500

Pivot is made from DOM tube

Example of a custom order

Chest Level Falling Popper


Training Target

Rolling targets in 3 sizes

22lr and pistol out of 1/4″ AR500 (not pictured)

Pistol and rifle out of 3/8″ AR500

Large magnum rifle out of 1/2″ AR500

Plate Racks

NRA Pistol Spec Plate Rack


Budget Plate Rack

4 level and 6 level Dualing Trees

Option of 6″ diameter 3/8″ thick AR500 paddles


4″ diameter 1/2″ thick paddles