Our Targets

All of our targets are designed, manufactured, and tested under one roof. If you have an idea for a custom target, we can create a target based off of your sketch and description. Your sketch will be scanned into the computer and traced into a CNC code. This code will then tell the plasma cutter how to make each cut in a precise and repeatable operation.

AR500 Steel

Our targets are made with AR500 steel. AR500 is a through hardened alloy steel and is hardened by austenitizing, water quenching, and tempering, making it 4 times harder than average steel.

Perfect Cut

Our AR500 steel is cut with a plasma cutter on water tables. When you cut a hardened steel with a plasma cutter or a torch there is a heat affected zone next to the cut that will weaken the steel. By cutting the steel on a water table it minimizes the heat affected zone on the targets to extend the life of the edges of the targets.

Behind the Scenes

A Passion For Quaility

Here at Accurate Products, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of shooting range steel targets. From concept to completion, we ensure our customer’s satisfaction.